Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This could be multiple posts, but I'll just do one.

I've been obsessed with redoing our garden area. First I raked and pulled out all the weeds and grasses that were growing wild in there. Then I tilled all the dirt and debated whether to plant my tulip bulbs and put mulch down and just be done with it until spring, or just tear it all out, get the shape how I want it and then plant my bulbs and start over in the spring. I think it's obvious by the pictures which one I chose. Now I just need some serious help making my vision come to life considering i know nothing about plants.

We are still working on getting the middle bush out. Its root system is horrendous!! The crepe mrytle on the right is staying however.

Stephen and my Dad loaded a bunch of free firewood to our house last weekend. There is more than this now...but I think we are stocked for the next three years.

So I finally discovered Dr. Mario on the Wii after probably 15 years of not being able to play it on the old Nintendo. I'm addicted, my mother-in-law is addicted and my parents are really addicted. We have been known to have many "quick challenges" in one night. And the best part about this is that we can play eachother online!!!

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