Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Arts Festival

Last Thursday we headed down to the OKC Art Festival for some good ole festival food and walking around.  We walked there via "The Underground".  

The whole secret Underground connects a bunch of buildings downtown and has some shops and restaurants in it.  It's pretty neat, so now I can say I've been in there.

Festival tents.

Really creepy lifesize metal art.

Cool, 10 foot, wind spinny lawn sculpture thing made out of metal and glass.

Aslo VERY expensive...

Some pretty slick looking painted city scenes.  I also didn't take a picture of this one piece art but it was incredible.  It was about as big as these here, but it was a painting of a rowboat in the water and from like 10' away it literally looked like a photograph.  How he painted the water and the light reflecting off of it was superb.

Devon Tower.

Shoe art...okay..sure why not!

Cute and super creative metal art.  This other tent had the same thing, but way more diverse and intricate.  Did I think to take a picture of his stuff...of course not, why would I do something that smart.

Anyway, we had a great time and ate too much!

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Liesel said...

I'm documenting here that we should do the underground thing when we come. The boys would love it...if it isn't too long. They have a thing for tunnels.