Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bathroom Update...again

We're finally to a point in our bathroom project that it's all up to us now.  No more contractors.

Over the past few weeks we had a tile guy come out at his leisure, in between his other jobs, to prep  our shower for tiling.  That meant we demoed everything, he pre-sloped the floor, hung the cement board, put in the shower pan, cemented the floor and put in our curb.

We met one last time to finalize the placement of our niches and exactly how the tile is going to be laid out.  We are going to be doing the tiling because 1) we know how and 2) we'll save tons of money.

Here is the pre-sloped floor...

And some of the cement floor and the heavy duty shower lining (pan)

Sloped floor and curb...

 The approximately 22"x12"x4" niche for shampoo and body wash.

The 5"x5" niche for the soap.

 The whole finshed thing...all prepped and ready for tile.

Next on the list is to fix all the drywall in the bathroom, texture and paint.  THEN....we can tile.  And we're really busy this month so as much as we both want to just get it done and over with, it may not happen as soon as we want. But I did give myself a deadline to have this all done by the end of June so......here's hoping we can pull it off!!!!!!


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New Deadline: June 18th.