Friday, May 18, 2012

Texturing the walls

So this week we didn't watch any tv (except for The Bachelorette on Monday night) and the hubs only had like 3 total hours of gaming time just so we could knuckle down and get a move on the bathroom project.

We didn't quite have time to paint it though (boo) because of said shows watched and of tutoring night.

However here is what we DID accomplish!

(Not pictured is the drywall repair job that Stephen did.  He did a fantastic job of patching everything up.  I probably should have taken a photo since it was an important step in the process..whoops)

This photo shows that we taped and mudded all the new drywall seams and also some old ones.  It was a bit tricky, and we left behind a few bumpy spots that we were afraid would be obvious when we textured over it.  I thought it looked fine and after a dispute over that issue, Stephen ran to the store, got some more mud and a different "mudding" tool.  Hallelujah for that tool!  and the mud!  It just spread so much easier and smoother.  We should have used it in the first place.  Anyway, crisis averted and it looked even better than before.

Next step was priming the drywall.  Easy peasy and we didn't even have to tape anything off because pretty much all the trim is getting a touch up.  Oh, all the minor details, how I loathe thee.

And here we are all textured!  Don't be afraid of texturing on your own, people.  It's super easy. And now that I think about it, it would have been awesome to shoot a little video so you could see how we do it.   Maybe I still will on some left over drywall in the garage.

Oh and sorry for the bad lighting and the fact that you can't even tell this is textured.  

Can you see it in this picture?...Sorta.  Well, it's a super subtle texture made by putting on some texture with a texture roller, which gives a more or less even coating of it, then you come back with a trowel and just start spreading it around in different directions creating swooshes.  And some drywall will still show through, but it's supposed to, that's the "textured" part.

So that's where we're at. Keep a lookout for the next bathroom update which should be about painting and putting in our new fancy light!


Liz said...

What color will it be? I have forgotten. NO TV for a week? Yikes.

The Bristers said...

We're going to paint it the same color as our bedroom.