Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let there be light

We had two Solatubes installed in our house on Friday.  They bring diffused daylight into our cave of a living room and entry.  It is really nice to have a lit up room without having to turn on all the lights, but it is still going to take some getting used to.  Because they block all ultraviolet light, the daylight that comes through is kinda "blue".  Anyway, this weekend has been a little overcast so I haven't seen how it looks in full sunlight yet.  


Before living room with no flash.  This is no exaggeration, there are no lights on and no doors or window blinds open.

After living room with no flash, no lights on and the window blinds shut.

Before entry with no flash

After entry with no flash.  We installed a light kit in the entry, so at night we can still turn the light on if we need to.


weath2007 said...

That looks awesome!!!

Rick said...

Shazam...what a difference!

Liesel said...

If we owned this house, I would really look into something like that. It is ridiculously dark in our living room. We have to have lights on all day and I hate it. Nice work!