Saturday, April 13, 2013

The functional master bathroom

We finally finished the bathroom so that it is useable!!!!!!  I actually started this post in November and we still had some finishing touches to do.  Well, we've finished it all so I can really finally show you our completed bathroom.

Okay, technically we haven't finished the vanity because that'll be expensive and we can't decide if we just want to replace the top, or raise the existing vanity up 4 inches and replace the top, or replace the whole vanity all together.   Stephen and I seriously just can't seem to compromise on the it's just staying like it is until who knows when.

But who cares about all that...we can finally use our shower!  It's really beautiful with just the right amount of custom touches.  Like a shaving step. And the cubbies.

This project was definitely a love/hate one. Even though all we did was rip the shower out to the studs and retiled it, we ran into more snafus that I care to reminisce about.  In the end, we really do like it.  It is so much better than the before.

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Liz said...

Now come and redo our master bathroom!