Friday, April 19, 2013

Attic work

So I mentioned the first step of our kitchen overhaul was moving the insulation out of the soffits in the attic.

We spent 5.5 hours doing just that this past weekend.  It was really annoying work, but it had to be done before it got too hot.  We had to first remove some of the flat boards that were covering up the soffit so we could get to them.  Then we basically worked in stages and piled the insulation into the middle.  Then we'd cover whatever we just uncovered with plastic, staple it down and put some of the insulation back so we'd have some room to work with.

 We were all about being safe and wore a respirator mask, knee pads, and taped our gloves shut.  Stephen taped his pants closed too because he was doing most of the work.  hehe.  And in case you're wondering how we moved that all around, we used a dust pan.  It worked great.

Somehow, the fiberglass still got through my gloves, because my left hand felt all tingly and numb for about 2 hours after we were done.  Its a really weird feeling.

Next step is to demo the soffit from inside the kitchen.  Which is still going to create such a mess.