Thursday, May 9, 2013

Every time I go to write up a post I have to look through my photos and my calendar

I've lived in Oklahoma about 19 years now and I've never been to a rodeo.  The country thing to do around these parts at the state fair.

A few weeks ago I saw a Groupon for tickets to the National Circuit Rodeo at the state fair and thought thats a really good excuse to go see what it's all about.  Well, I forgot to buy the groupon so I called to inquire about buying tickets over the phone or online.  Did you know they were going to charge me $4.50 per ticket for a "convenience" fee.  That's a load of crock!  So the kind man gave me the number to the box office.  I called them and asked if they were going to charge me a fee for buying the tickets at the arena and they said no.  Thank goodness!  Luckily I work pretty close so I just drove over during lunch one day and picked them up.

Long side story, but I don't understand the large fee for a ticket I'm going to buy online and print at home.  Why charge me more for my convenience and yours because I'm not bothering you!


Anyway, we went to the rodeo and it was quite fun actually.  It was about 2.5 hours long and action packed.  They had full rounds of bull riding, bareback bronco riding, barrel racing, calf roping, steer wresting, saddle bronco riding,  and trick horse riding.

 We did see one guy get bucked off a bull kinda funny and was knocked unconscious for a few minutes.  Other than that people either had a good ride or they didn't.

bareback bronco riding

barback bronco riding

Clydesdales...I think

Calf roping

I didn't take any pictures of the attire of the spectators, but I should have.  I now know what I should wear to the next one I go to so I can really blend in!!!! 

You need a belt like this
embellished jeans with lots of sparkle and white stitching

And either a button down shirt or something with floral.  like this

and of course....authentic cowgirl boots


Liesel said...

Now that was exciting! Thanks!

Liesel said...
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Rick said...

In rodeo talk...bronco is pronounced "bronk"