Saturday, May 11, 2013

Man Cove: Before and After

                      Before                                                        After

Who would have it would take 4 years to make this transformation.  We ripped out the cabinets a long time ago because they really weren't function...imagine that.  The top had doors on them which didn't even open up the whole way.

Then my parents gave us the work bench and we added the shelf using the shelves from the cabinets we took I'm thrifty!

Then just a few months ago and finally told Stephen "our weekend project is buying pegboard and organizing all your tools.  I'm tired of going out there needing the tape measure, utility blade, or pliers and not being able to find them"

Behold awesomeness....

Off to the right side of the garage we also have this little station for painting supplies, buckets, and clear bins for nails, screws, glue, electrical and misc "stuff"

We have plenty of scrap peg board so if you want some.....

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