Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

First it was "Way Back Wednesday" and now it's "Throw Back Thursday" that has caught fire in the social media world.

I never fall victim to this kind of thing, but today I'll give you TBT picture and we'll see if I remember next Thursday to do the same!  

This was taken probably in 1996 at my Grandparents house in NE.  I'm pretty sure it was that year because my 6th grade pictures also show me with big glasses and big hair.  Yay for not being able to see and wanting to get a perm!

But regardless, don't Brian and I look cute posing with my Grandpa's dog Santee?


Liz said...

Yes! I'll send an email on Wednesday to remind you!

Rick said...

That is some serious frizzy hair.