Monday, August 5, 2013

Please don't judge me...

...but I watch The Bachelorette and The Bachelor shows.    I haven't watched every season so that should count for some credit.  But ever since I have started watching, I always get sucked in.  It's my Monday night "me time" and I just can't give it up now!

I've never been one to have viewing parties for things like this, but I was kinda inspired by them knowing some of them have been known to take bets on the guys that will get roses and make brackets for the guys so they know who was sent home when, etc.

Well I decided this season to make a tally mark for every time a common phrase on this show was mentioned in some form or another, when a man cried, and when I shed a tear.

Here are my unofficial results.

"For the right reason"
        ....22 times...some form of this phrase was uttered

       .....2 times....surprisingly this was NOT used that often this go around

"an instance where a man cried"
       .....17 occurances

"an instance where I shed a tear or two"
       ......3 times

And my top three picks from night ONE were Zak W, Brooks, and Chris.  Two out of three isn't bad!

Here's to hoping these two last, because I really do think they are super cute together!

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Liesel said...

I will not judge only because I was desperate to read something and thankful you had posted. Mitzi really likes that show, too, and filled me in a few weeks ago.