Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Veggie Garden

Every year I have mild success with my garden.  It just depends on what I'm growing if it does well or not.   Last year I did tomatoes and I had so many that I was able to make salsa twice and canned 4 jars of homemade spaghetti sauce, had tomatores for dinner, on burgers and had to give a lot away to people all by mid July.

This year, it is mid august and I have had ONE big tomato out of the 6 tomato plants I planted.  The plants look very healthy, have plenty of leaves and flowers on them, but I'm not getting any fruit from them.

I savored the one tomato for all its glory.  I ate it as a caprese salad and Stephen had a few slices plain.  It was delicous.  I have no idea why the others are not making any tomatoes.  It could be that we've had an extremely rare mild and cool summer and maybe tomatoes grow best when it's blistering hot.  Maybe all the nutrients in the soil were depleted from last years crop.  But I added new soil and fertiziler this year?..?   Who knows, but it makes me sad.

I do have two cherry tomato plants that I doing okay, I think I have picked about 30 from those. I also have two roma plants that have six tomatoes that are just barely starting to ripen.

What has done extremely well this year though is my 2 cumcumber plants.  Holy cow you guys.  This is the current crop.

It is a really good thing that I like cucumbers and know other people that like them as well.  These taste great on their own, as a cucumber/tomato salad or you could also pickle them. I haven't learned how to pickle yet, but I probably should because there are a lot more baby cucumbers growing on the plant.  I've already had to give away about 10 cucumbers, I've eaten a few and I've made this salad twice.

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