Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Everyone will soon start posting exciting tales of what they did this weekend so I thought I'd post what we need.

Laid sod.
Watered sod.
Bought mums.
Planted mums.
Mowed Grass.
Had ice cream.
Cooked a roast.
Laundry/Tidy the house
Watched Clueless....classic
Watched View from the Top...terrible movie by the way.

Watched OSU football
Watched the documentary "Tabloid".  It was ... interesting.

Took 3 naps.
Did a little shopping at Target.
Went to church.
Posted the 58 pavers for FREE on craiglist.  They were gone in 20 minutes.
Had a fever of 99.6 all weekend.  Just enough to make you feel a little off your game.  I think Stephen and I either both got a little cold bug or allergy season is upon our household.

Overall, pretty good 3 day weekend in my book.  How long until the next one?

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Liz said...

Wow!! you guys really worked. We went to the beach and the water park. sorry.