Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Anniversay Weekend...Day 1

This weekend Stephen and I celebrated 6 years of marriage.  September 15th was our wedding day.  I'm so glad we got married in the fall...er late summer I guess.

Anyway, we celebrated in style right here in our very own backyard, Oklahoma City.  It was the most gorgeous weekend and I seriously felt like I was on vacation somewhere else.

Looking through my pictures, it looks like all we did was eat!  But we really did do some other cool things that I'll just have to tell you about.  After work on Friday, we came home and packed clothes for the weekend.  We checked into the wonderful historic Colcord hotel and took the elevator to the 11th floor.  We walked in to this:

At first I was sure this was the suite, or we got upgraded or something.  But it wasn't a suite, just a normal room.  Okay, it was the corner room which is not quite a "normal" room.  But whatever, it was REALLY nice.

So after we put our stuff down, we headed back out to Live on the Plaza.  It's this little one block of the Plaza District with little artsy shops and weird hipster people mixed with small little bands and food trucks that culminate "Live on the Plaza" once a month!  We had never been so we thought, why not go!  It really is a family affair which surprised me.  I saw families there, groups of young kids walking around, couples, and of course some serious hipster folk...of all ages.  By now it was 8pm and I was starving so my first mission was to find something to eat.  We wanted to eat at "The Mule", a new gourmet grilled cheese place, but it was way too popular.  So we checked out the food trucks and decided on "Heo's Kitchen".  We got the Koreon and Vietnemese Taco, eggrolls and kabob to split.

This was very tasty, but very spicy!  My lips were so red and I felt like I was breathing fire!  So my next mission was to put the fire out.  And what better way to that but with some dessert from Pie Junkie.  Yes, they serve pie and milk.  Exactly what I needed.  I got the chocolate peanut butter pie and Stephen had the turtle pie and we both had some milk.  Both were declious and I felt so much better. A special note to my sister-in-law Liesel, they offer HappyPi hour, Tuesday through Friday, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. and slices cost only $3.14 during that time.  Isn't that just super awesome!

After dessert we walked around to some of the most interesting shops.  We had a winarita from Urban Wineworks.  I should go back and buy some wine from them.  All the shops are locally owned and have handmade art, clothes, jewelry etc.  But some of the shops collect old vintage stuff and sell it.   I was so tempted to buy some of the dishes from the 50's, or a skirt from the 70's.  There was a shop called Bad Granny's Baazar. It was like a super awesome thiftstore and an absolute haven if you are a hipster.  I just found it cool and amusing.   These pictures are not from Bad Granny's, but some other little vintage furniture shop.

After walking around for a while we were tired, went back to the hotel, watched Sportscenter and went to bed.

Stayed tuned for Day 2

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Liesel said...

Your anniversary weekend looks wonderful! What a clever idea to stay close to home. And we should put the Pi Pie on our list for Thanksgiving week.