Monday, November 11, 2013

More Soccer games and famly time

After the USA soccer game, everyone headed to the Reddings to stay the night.  It's a good thing they have a big house because there were 7 kids and 9 adults staying the night.

The next morning we spent at the local soccer fields watching Mary Ann and Rose in their soccer games.  Both teams were quite good.
This is Mary Ann's team.

In between games we all had hot chocolate

 All the kids wrestled with Stephen.  Shortly after I took this picture I went and saved him.

  Brian and Molly had a good time chasing eachother and passing the soccer ball.  I caught this candid photo of them and I absolutly love it.

After the games, we had some time to clean up at the house and watch some baseball on tv.  Then we went to church and afterwards we all ate at Oklahoma Joes, a bbq place.  It was pretty good.  And no, there is no Oklahoma Joes in the state of Oklahoma.  Ironic.

Brian, Stephen and I hung out for a while with family after dinner and then we headed to Kansas City to check into our hotel.  Once to our room I immediatly could smell that we had been given a smoking room even though my online reservation clearly said non-smoking.  We all went back downstairs and asked if we could be moved.  Unfortunely, because of the home NFL game that same weekend, the hotel was completely booked.  So we had to just deal with it for the night.  I don't know about Brian, but Stephen and I both woke up with headaches and feeling nauseous and despite keeping out luggage closed, it all smelled of smoke.  On the bright side though, we did get moved to a non-smoking room later that day and we had the night comped for us and we got extra tickets for managers special (drinks and snacks every night from 5:30-7, one of the best perks to Embassey Suites!!)

After taking Brian to the airport that morning, Stephen and I spent the afternoon having lunch and walking around shopping in the Country Club Plaza.  It's a pretty cool place, but a lot of it was way too nice and places I'd never buy anything in.  I did get a nice shirt at H&M and Stephen bought himself some shaving stuff, like the oil, foam and the brush.  It's pretty manly.  We also bought some Christmas gifts so I can't talk about that.

 I did step foot in this store and immediatly felt out of place becuase no one acknowledged me, nothing had a price tag and I wasn't wearing high heals, black, or fur, nor did I have long, fake blond hair or work done.  Anyway, I can at least say I've been to one of his stores, lol.

On Monday, we definitely took of advantage of being on vacation and not having anything planned for that day.  It was cold and rainy too, so it was perfect to sleep in and watch a tv movie.  We did leave the hotel and venture to the power and light district, but it's lame on a Monday afternoon, and it was a federal holiday.  I think the place is probably pretty happening on the weekends though.  They had some great little outdoor venues.   

However, we did find a bowling alley and it was $3 for a game!!!  So we played a few games and ate a bit of food.  Of course, we made it back in time for Managers Special at the hotel becuase that can't be missed.  We ate some dinner at a nice Italian place in the Plaza and walked around the corner and saw Gravity at the plaza theater.

 Our weekend vacation was pretty great.  I know about a year ago we had wanted to go someone tropical, but KC was pretty fun for the weekend and some time away from home.

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