Tuesday, June 23, 2015


About a month ago, we made a very impromptu trip up to Nebraska to make sausage for the upcoming family reunion.  This was Zachary's second long road trip and he did a great job!

My aunt Mary Alice and Uncle Dave hosted us for the weekend.  We had some delicious french croissants for breakfast one day.  They were so buttery and awesome!

The boys and MAL made 60lbs of mild and hot italian sausage.  The best part of the whole thing was taste testing it along the way!

We also stopped over to see my Grandparents and aunt Debbie.  We had Grandma's meatloaf for dinner…which I don't think I had ever had before.  It was quite good.

Everyone doted on the little man and commented how smart of a baby he was.  It was cute and we were glad we were able to stop by and say hello.

Great Grandpa's beard really fascinated Zach.

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