Sunday, June 14, 2015

Seven Months

Finally! I was able to take these pictures last friday…so if we want to get technical, he was 7 months and 1 week old. Lol.

I've got to make this quick though since Zachary is currently napping and  I  fear he might wake up soon because he's been asleep almost 2 hours which NEVER happens.

- Zachary can now sit on his own with ease and I don't have to worry about him toppling over.  It still happens occasionally though, so we put a pillow behind him to catch his fall.  Falling back onto a hard wood floor is no bueno!

- He moved up to size 3 diapers and weighs probably about 18 lbs.

- I just learned from the daycare teachers that Zach feeds himself is own bottle now! They lay him on the boppy pillow and he grabs it from them and just goes to town. I should ask for a picture of it sometime.

- Zach constantly rolls from his back to tummy and just hangs out there.  He can scoot himself around, too so I wonder when he'll start going backwards or start crawling.  I better get in the habit of keeping my floors clean now.

- He loves to give himself kisses in the mirror and also reaches out for me to hold him.  It's so cute.

- He's a big fan of eating purees and loves peaches.  He's had sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, pears, applesauce, peaches, and carrots. He's also had the tiniest piece of a donut and chocolate chip cookie and seriously vocalized that he wanted more…not yet buddy!

- He's been to the pool once and seemed to enjoy it.  He just sat all chill and relaxed in his floaty.

- He's becoming more and more aware of Pepper and will reach out to pet her on occasion…but mostly just gets licked by her.

- He loves to stand up as well and jump around in his amazon exersaucer.


Zach currently takes two, sometimes three, naps a day and goes to bed between 730 and 8.  I am still pumping breastmilk for him during the day and nursing him when we are together.  I plan on continuing this until he's a year old or maybe even a year and half  if it's still working out for us.

This little boy is growing up fast and we are loving seeing his personality emerge

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