Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fun in December

I debated putting the tree up this year because Zachary is mobile and I didn't want to constantly be telling him to leave the tree alone.  We replaced all the ornaments with shatter proof ones just in case he got any fancy ideas.  Thankfully, Zachary left the tree alone for the most part until a few days before Christmas.  He liked to take the ornament off and then stick someone in tree.  We found a few toys in the tree as well, and the remote.

For Christmas, Stephen and I got him his own chair.  It came with a table too, but it's a bit too tall for him, so we are saving that for another year.  He loves the chair.  He likes to stand on it and watch you make dinner.

My parents got him a marble set.  He enjoys throwing the little balls everyone, but also putting them down the marble shoots, once he figured it out.

Pepper being Pepper, always giving hugs and kisses and never leaving you alone.  She's got a lot of love to give.

I just find this pictue to be really hilarious.

New toy!  We pulled him around in this for a few minutes and he got a real kick out of it.  And then we broke the handle….game over.

Walking on your toes, such a great memory growing up.

We enjoyed the holidays with this little one this year.  He offically started walking around Christmas and hasn't stopped since.  

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