Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Some photos from Thanksgiving

I went to his Thanksgiving lunch at daycare.  I am always so impressed with all the kids and how well behaved they are when it's time to eat.  Everytime I have been there for eating time, they all sit quietly in their chairs and just wait to be served.  They each stay seated while they eat and rarely get up and start walking around when they are done.  I'm amazing.

Anyway, this day was fun, because we had lunch together, he showed me some toys, and then I was able to give him his bottle and put him down for his nap which was really sweet.

We spent Thanksgiving in Tulsa and got to play outside for one day because it was really nice out.

The rest of time it rained, so we stayed in and rode around on his bike.

Grandma Brister may not have as many stairs as Grandpa Buschelman's house, but it's still Zachary's favorite place to play.

Zachary didnt start walking until Christmas, but he figured out how to climb stairs on the first try.

This is how Grandpas keep watch over the little ones.

Zachary and John playing together.  I can't wait to see how well they play together in May.  Zach is much more interactive now.

Our attempt at a cousin picture…or sibling pictue plus Zachary.  Maybe next time, we will get a better one!


Liesel said...

I love the cousin picture :).

Janet Brister said...

The cousin picture is great. Sort of makes you think of herding cats or getting a dog to look at where you are pointing. So much cuteness!