Monday, March 21, 2016

Never too early to start them on chores

Just kidding!  Zach doesn't help with chores, are you kidding me, he barely has the attention span to put his blocks back into the basket.  We get about half of them put away and he's off to do something else. However, I have noticed that he really likes taking stuff out of my drawers and then putting them back (sometimes).

I had to document him getting into the dishwasher at least once.  For some reason this is just so cute.  Although, now 3 months later, he still tries to crawl onto it, but we redirect him to just help close it.  We've had a few close calls of him put taking a fork out, or trying to pull a plate out or bang the dishes around.

We finally got a new sink in January.  It was my job to keep Zachary occupied and out of the way, but as you can see he just wanted to be like the big guys and help out.

I love the new sink by the way.  It's not top notch or anything, but it was on sale and a HUGE improvement from what we had before, so that basically makes it the best sink ever.


Liz said...

Grandpas helper!

Janet Brister said...

You take some of the best pictures, Megan. I downloaded just about every one of these recent blog posts. It's a great way to keep us caught up. I can't wait to see some Easter egg hunting and other spring fun.

I miss you guys.