Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do it yourself...

Alright...I've been telling myself I was going to blog about our bathroom project so here it is!!!!

When we moved in, our bathroom looked like this:
After taking off the foam like textured wallpaper, texturing and painting the walls we had this effect: (a cheery yellow that the camera didn't capture)The following summer comes along and we decide to rip everything out and start anew:
First things first is demolition!
Here is Stephen grinding away at the tile and thinset and didn't come off just by pounding it at it.

Next we had to get our drywall repaired and some new wiring for sconce lighting.Then our plumber came in to remove this old tub
And replace it with this taller, wider, beautiful Kohler tub and some new plumbing too!In the meantime we finally picked out a field tile and some accent mosaics to use around the tub as a border, picked out our new cabinets, installed a new vent/light, and painted.
This color is called "dried basil" by Behr and it is awesome!we also had to make one wall thicker by putting up some more drywall so our tile could actually fit around our tub because it's 2" wider than before.

Still left to do is: Give the room a second coat of paint, install cement backer board, tile the floor and walls, install cabinets!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah...and then we have to look into getting a sink and counter top. It's going to be so awesome!

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Amanda said...

I saw your post on the YHL FB page....

Did you have any issues with mold in your walls or floor after you pulled everything up? I have a similar bathroom project underway and have found mold in the subfloor. Just wondering as I want to remedy it myself, but looking for as much advice as possible!

Your after bathroom is amazing!