Friday, August 28, 2009

Food Friday

Comfort Food. Totally awesome.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved grilled cheese sandwiches. The trick to making them awesome is by using Monterey Jack cheese. When I was little, I just called it "white cheese". Grilled cheese sandwiches are perfect for a quick meal any day of the week. If I'm ever having a bad day, a grilled cheese sandwich always makes it better.

Back in high school and college my comfort food was chicken nuggets. I made sure to always have a bag on hand. Instead of ketchup, I use honey. I'm not sure why, I just do. These little delicacies were always the perfect pick me up.
On a more grand scale, hashbrown casserole is utterly amazing! The more cheese the better I say. Granted this dish is made mainly for special occasions I still consider it a comfort food because it just makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.
Stephen says that is favorite food is "Bratwurst...they make me feel good and I can eat them over and over again."What's your favorite comfort food?


Rick said...

love hashbrowns and I cooked you many a grilled cheese sandwhich while being your Dad.

Aunt Deb said...

Mashed potatoes and peas