Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

So...a lot of blogs I read do random thoughts thursday. I think just this once, I'll be like everyone else.

- I kind of bothers me that my living room is always so dark. Sure I've got a huge sliding glass door in there, but the light never shines through it.

- I should make a menu and and go to the grocery store and get everything for the next wekk or so, but i just don't have the creative juices to do that right now. Instead, I'll just get toilet paper and sour cream for creamy cooker chicken.

- I really really hope that my knee injury doesn't hinder my last two weeks of training before my 10k.

- I would like someone to volunteer their time to come over and dust my whole house.

- If you read my blog...please leave me a comment. Sometimes I think I'm writing to no one.



Jennifer said...

Okay, well I didn't realize you had started posting again, but I signed up to subscribe so now I will follow.

Your bathroom looks AWESOME! Hard to believe it's the same one I saw a few weeks ago.

Hope the job search is going okay.

Allison said...

I read your blog -- I just need to know when you update it!

Rick said...

I can dust....but first I have to dust my house!