Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bedroom Dilemma

For about a year or so, I've wanted to get a new duvet cover and spruce up our master bedroom. It has no style right now, except beige and boring. We want to change it to something with more of a classic and sophisticated feel.

With our bathroom remodel we want to do white cabinets with brushed nickel fixtures. This will work well with the smokey blue I have wanted to paint our room. This will also give our room a more light and airy feel.

However, I have recently figured out that they better way to go about changing our rooms decor is to pick out our new duvet first.

This is a major challenge.

I have looked and looked constantly for a duvet that doesn't break my bank, has just the right pattern, and just the right color.

So far, I have these options.

Option 1: This is from I love the graphic pattern because it's really different. But I'm worried it's probably too edgy for our tastes and look of our home. Also, the plum color is really cool and would work well with a smokey blue wall.

Option 2: This is from West Elm. Again, I like the pattern because it is stylized and different. However, the gray is a little boring and cold. I also was looking for an all-over pattern.

Option 3: I was drawn to this because of the colors. Cool blues, dark browns, and cream. I will compliment our dark furniture and will accommodate different shades of blue accents. It's also reversible which is a plus.

Option 4: This is from Westelm. I really like it because of the stylized flowers and the different colors of blue, green, and yellow which will make bringing in accessories and art that much more flexible. It is also bright, cheery, and modern. However, I wish that it didn't have so much white because that will yellow over time.

Option 5: This is a nice blue, but is it too much blue? I'm not sure, however, the right orange accents like pillows, might make it looks cool. It is light and airy and has a slight pattern. But it reads like a solid to me and I was really look for a bigger pattern.

Option 6: This is my ultimate favorite. It's reversible. Has a large, sophisticated pattern (that I've been looking for!) and is just perfect. Except for one's green. I actually love the green color but I've been set on painting my room a smokey blue and this would clash with the overall design. I could paint our room a light tan, or light yellow and go with dark finishes. I'm torn, because I absolutely love this pattern, but I'd have to change my whole design plan.

Option 7: This is my other favorite. The pattern is not quite as awesome as the other, but it is the overall pattern I was trying to achieve. The accent color they used for the pillows, even though it is more of a blue green, allows me to visualize how this could look in a smokey blue room. I think it would look pretty cool and grown-up. Hence, with this option, we could still go with our original design plan.

Option 8: This is the one Stephen was drawn too. I think it was because of the color, and the geometric design. The geometric design is not doing it for me, I think it's predictable and boring. However, this is reversible and I do like the underside because it looks like a nice swirly pattern. I wish it wasn't so brown though, something brighter would be better.

So, as you can see, I have my work cut out for me. I still need to get a few prices for some of these duvets. A few of them are labeled as a package deals which include the duvet cover, the duvet insert, and two pillows, or even an accent pillow that totals almost $460!!!! That's a bit expensive even if you do get a lot of things. But, we already have a duvet insert, so I don't need another one.

Which one do you like best? Leave a comment!


Liz said...

#3 is it for me. Brings interest and color. Definately not boring.

Liesel said...

Yeah, I agree with Liz. Number 3, no question :)!

Deb said...

Megan: I agree that 3 is okay...anything but the green (even tho my favorite color) or the greys. With the others, you can throw in many colors of pop such as red or orange! Deb

Janet said...

I voted for #1 because it definitely makes a statement. I don't think it would get boring; however, I was drawn to #2. Nice touch of class that would blend into the rest of the room so you could accent other things. Whatever you select, Meg, it will look so nice. Your taste is impeccable.

weath2007 said...

I know that Im kinda late, but I like 6 and 7! Good luck!

Disabling Teacher said...
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Lindsey Mae said...

I might be a little late, but I love #1, if you don't get, maybe I will! ;) I also like #2 and #4!!