Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grateful and a Good Samaritian

Why am a I grateful?

*random thought*

I looked at that word and thought "wait, do you spell if greatful? Because grateful didn't look right, but neither does greatful.

*end random thought*

Now onto why I am grateful. When we moved into this house and then started thinking about what renovation projects we wanted to do, we noticed that the texture job in the master bathroom looked like cake frosting. Cake frosting is actually good, but as a wall texture it is gross and gloppy.
We went back and forth with the idea of finding a way to remove it or just dealing with it. To remove it we thought we could sand it down, but that would yield a lot of dust. We thought about tearing out all the drywall and just replacing it. But then that was escalating the project to a whole 'nother level that we didn't want to go. Then one day a long time ago, we took off one of the outlet covers and noticed some paper, and the color red. Well!

At first I thought "How stupid are they to wallpaper something, then paint over it, then texture over that!?"

And who would use this wallpaper anyway!!!

Perhaps you've figured it out by now, but that texture came off fairly easily because of the wallpaper. Now, I'm really grateful they textured over it!

For the most part, it came off in good sized chunks. Some were about 4 times the size of the one in the picture!

Here are the before pictures of our sink area.
And here are the afters. You may have noticed that I didn't take off the texture on the soffit. That's because we're going to take it out completely. I also didn't take the texture off on the wall with the mirror because I was doing this alone and I'm betting that mirror weighs a lot. Also, we're keeping the mirror so I didn't want to risk shattering it to pieces.

Now for the final touches to get the walls ready for new texture and paint, I have to steam the rest of the paper backing off and clean up all the edges where the texture/wallpaper didn't quite come off. And unfortunately, there are three small areas, like the one just to the right of the door near the mirror (for some reason I didn't find wallpaper there so thetexture really doesn't want to come off) and two areas near the baseboard in the shower area where the texture was being stubborn and didn't quite come off, that I have to deal with.

I'll post our paint color options next time, but for now, check out this video I took of some man on our street graciously plowing people's driveways and half of our cul-de-sac.

Yeah, I turned the camera off right before he dumped the snow because I realized he was turning straight towards my window and I was taping this through my open blinds and I was afraid he might see me and and then I'd get caught taping him doing a nice thing for our street of neighbors and I would feel weird.


Rick said...

You should have went out, thanked him, and then gave him a cold beer.

Deb said...

Megan all the wallpaper was in your bathroom? If you had the cake frosting in another room, you could paint over and then do some hilighting over the frosting with another color.