Thursday, February 3, 2011


Our furnace has shut off twice since this winter storm plowed through Oklahoma. It happened Tuesday evening while we were watching tv. We just noticed that it was quite chilly in the house, even with a fire going. We didn't think anything of it for awhile, just thought that it was cold because it was like 3 degrees outside. Then we thought about it and it occurred to us that we hadn't heard the heater turn on in awhile. Sure enough it was about 65 degrees in the house. That's not anything too drastic, but in the winter, it's pretty cold.

We actually had to turn the thermostat off for awhile and then turn it back on. After a few minutes it was working again.

But it happened again this morning. We woke up and were super cold. It was hard to get out of bed. Stephen checked the thermostat and it said 61. Brrr! It's working again now, but our poor furnace just can't keep up with these cold temps. Please, please, please, don't break on us this winter. That would be really bad.

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