Monday, February 27, 2012

Bathroom Update

Since the last bathroom post, we've had the electrian and the plumber come to our house and get our bathroom all fixed up.  We got a new light box wired and our light switches simplified. 

The plumber jackhammered our foundation and moved the drain a good 5 inches to center.  He also raised the shower head and moved the fixtures to be more centered as well.

This weekend, we took out the toilet and removed the tile and thinset from the floor.  It created a lot of dust in a tiny room and poor Stephen's hair was all dusty white.

It's all very exciting but we still need the drywall fixed and the new shower pan to be properly sloped in.  Hopefully we'll get to that in the next month.

We haven't ordered the tile yet, partially because I think we're still a bit torn on our final design... and color scheme for that matter.  We had decided on a dark tile, but then we saw cool light colored mosaics at the store and Stephen then got the urge to go with a light tile.  So, we've still got time to decide on that.  I think we're worried that even though the dark tile is awesome looking, the whole shower bathrom area is only 5'x5'ish so it might make it look smaller and darker.

 Oh well, we've got time to figure it out.

Anything will be better than this:

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Rick said...

lemme know if you need to go to Lowes to get the tile...