Monday, February 13, 2012

This is a really good reason as to why we are remodeling our bathroom.

This weekend we did some more work on our bathroom.  This time around it's so much more slow going.  I guess I don't have the DIY gene as much as I thought I did.  Oh well, we're still making progress.

Since I have Presidents Day off from work, I thought it would be a really genius idea to have the plumber come in that day and replace our pipes with flexible stuff and move the drain.  More on that in a second.

In order for it to be ready for him, we needed to remove the curb of the shower, the tile, concrete and shower pan.  What we found was that the shower pan only went up the sides about 4 inches.  The ideal would be 12.  We also found that the pan was punctured with nails, that's probably one reason why we had mold growing and another reason why the 2x4s are also a bit moldy.  The most crazy thing we found though was that beneath the shower pan, like on the foundation concrete, it was wet.  Like small puddle of water wet.  

And I'll tell you that we basically haven't used this shower since we finished our other awesome bathroom in October 2009.  So...just think about that for minute.  Something must have gone wrong in the installation, and we're so glad we are going to make it right now!

 And back to why we have to have the drain moved.  Ugh.  What a TERRIBLE NUISANCE!!!!!!   Once you put the curb in, our drain is off center by a good 4 inches.  And to make it even more annoying, the whole shower floor was sloped to the center, not the drain.  So there was constantly a puddle of water just sitting there.  So now, to make it right, and so the tile guy can come in and do a new pan for us, we'll have to have the plumber move it. Which is then going to leave us with a whole in the foundation which we'll have to fill.  But, despite this cost, it'll be worth it!

So this is what our shower is looking like these days.  

This is the before of our sink area (although after we took the big mirror down)

And here is the after, or during I guess I should say.  In this part of the bathroom, we are going to keep the cabinetry and just strip the paint and repaint it white.  Doing a better job of course than what it looks like now.  I mean, who paints OVER the hinges.  So annoying.  We are going to put the big mirror back as well, and just frame it out so make it look less like a builders mirror and more custom.  

And this is our new light fixture!

Obviously, there is still lots to do and it overwhelms me every time I sit down and think about or run through our checklist.  Hence this post of our bathroom update it ending!  

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