Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My deal with...

...Valentine's Day.

Yesterday was all about showing your love to your loved one. Giving them a card, flowers, chocolate and taking them out to dinner.

I'm not opposed to any of that because Stephen and I have done V-day dates in the past.  But this year, we're just like "I'm glad we're not big we-must-go-on-a-dinner-date-because-its-valentines-day people".  I mean we just thought, why would be want to go out to dinner to a crowded restaurant when everybody else and their dog is, too.

We'd much rather have a quiet evening just the two of us doing our normal thing.  And besides, we can show our love to eachother every day!


Rick said...

Your Mom and I stayed home too and had a great time...had a chocolate or two.

Liesel said...

I agree. Then, I felt guilty I hadn't done anything for Eric so the boys and I made Valentines. Eric hid chocolate around the house. All in all, one of the best Valentine's Days we've had!