Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stuff I gotta do

Sometimes I think if I write stuff on this blog that I need to do, it will somehow make me more accountable to actually doing it.

That almost never actually happens.

But it's worth a try and I don't have anything else to talk about right now.

- clean kitchen. because the dishes I used this weekend are still just sittin' there.
- cook dinner. because I haven't acutally cooked a meal (other than superbowl food) in like a week....or more.
- finish my art project. because it just needs to be glued together and it's been sitting in the guest room for a month now.

LATER: As in, next week, next month, or just sometime before July.  This is going to be overwhelming. Oh and why July you ask.  Well, becuase that's halfway through the year and that seemed like a managable time frame
- make mini movie of 2012 ski trip and download it to external hard drive and upload to youtube
- download South Africa videos to hard drive and begin editing into a home movie.  Seriously Megan, I can't believe you haven't done this yet!
- get quote on sod for the backyard and install it.
- finish the bathroom remodel (and all that that emcompasses are posts dedicated to themselves)
- plan the veggie garden
- get back into going to the gym and back in shape.  I mean, who are you kidding, people that have way busier lives than you make time for their metabolic health so you don't have an excuse.
- fix my sewing machine and sew some stuff


Liz said...

I have almost the exact same list!! Challenge!? I'll get your photo album done before you get the home movies done.

Rick said...

see you at the

The Bristers said...

It is so on Mom! I'll give you back some of the scrapbooking supplies just in case.